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Healthcare & Patients Groups

We incorporate our experience with a forward-thinking attitude to bring you the solutions you seek.  From connecting you to the right experts to assisting with compliance and funding.  


The right expertise and knowledge will ensure your goal is ultimately achieved. 

Support To Pursue Progress

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No progress can be pursued without funding.  We can help you find the best option to help you develop your project, in any of the following areas


  • Grants scan and optimisation: We can help you explore your grants options at European, national or regional level and then tailor your project with the most promising option.

  • Grants application: We coordinate all integrants and assist you through the application process. 



Compliance Expertise

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Your CRA becomes an important partner in compliance and should share your commitments. Our role is to collaborate with your team in order to make strategic recommendations that will speed and simplify the application process, not slow it down.  

We can provide:


  • Access to information necessary for due diligence

  • Assistance gathering all the needed paperwork depending on your region

  • Full development of key documents, completion and submission

  • Follow up from submission to approval status



The Best Fit, The Best Outcome

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We are familiar with the needs of clinical research, either going through rounds of funding or advertising results to other stakeholders, but we are equally comfortable providing short term solutions to your organisation.


We can tailor our experience for every step of the process: from clinical trial services to market distribution.


  • Dissemination and communication

  • Logistic services

  • Visual identities and branding



Research Funding
Transversal Services
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