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Clinical Research Services

Ideas, Theoretical Fundaments and Knowledge

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Biometric Services

Research, Experimental Practice and Data Colletion

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Integral Solutions

Funding & Compliance

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Clinical Trials Services

Most scientific advances are the direct result of some clinical trial. Clinical trials are an important step in discovering and improving treatments. Acting as your local partner, Impulse Consulting offers support to the following phases of a clinical trial.




Biometrics  solutions cover every aspect related to the data gathered within  the research. We will assist you with:

  • Data management solutions

  • CRF Design

  • Alternatives to traditional data managment

  • Statistics analysis

Research Funding

We help research groups to find the best options to develop and propel their projects. We aid our clients in the following areas:


  • Grants scans and optmisation

  • Grants applications

  • Compliance

Integral Solutions

Our services expand to those activities, which sometimes are not strictly part of the research plan but crucial to achieving the final goal.   This transversal support includes:




Clinical Studies
Research Funding
Transversal Studies


Clinical research activity involves many aspects, which are crucial to achieving the results expected when designing the investigation plan.  Impulsae has taken into consideration every detail to guarantee the success of your project. Our services give solutions to all phases of a clinical trial, such as compliance, monitoring,  biometrics, funding,  and integral solutions considering the whole life of your project.

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