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Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the discovery, development and manufacturing of new drugs.

Identifying new drug targets and attaining approval from governmental bodies are some of the challenges facing this industry.  We can help you take your project from concept to approval, from study design through to project managing, clinical monitoring and compliance.

Your Project, Our Priority 

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Maximising the value of your project requires careful management and a systematic approach.  We identify the key elements of your project in order to generate the most meaningful information, that enables you to make better decisions.  


We work closely with your organisation to help you shape your project in the following areas:


  • Determine the scope of work and timeline expectations

  • Bring experts together to design and optimise your project design

  • Produce reports with detailed metrics

  • Coordinate communication between the client and other stakeholders

  • Integration and coordination of all services required in the scope of the project

  • Ensure consistency across the entire study



Work Flow

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We can carry out full human studies, carefully managing the collection of data, closely monitoring the results and managing the site.

Clinical Trial Live Phase

Clinical Trial Set-Up

We start supporting  the study design, site selection and regulatory affairs.  Once these are established, we arrange site contract negotiations and documentation, followed by an initial visit.  

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Clinical Trial Close-Down

We draw-up the final reports and carry out close-down visits. 

Our work flow
Study Design
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